UX Launchpad - Design Play

A full day workshop. Wednesday 14 Sept.


UX Launchpad is co-founded by Jon Bell and William Van Hecke, two experienced designers who love to teach. Jon is a designer at Twitter and William is a designer at Facebook.

Come learn how to run a different kind of brainstorm, and use it to ship the kinds of products you can be proud of. Studies of the brain show we learn better when we’re happy and surprised, so this workshop will be informative, fun, and surprising.


William has shipped over 20 major releases of the Omni Group’s unusually powerful productivity apps — OmniFocus, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, and OmniPlan — spanning Mac, iOS, and Apple Watch. These apps have won Apple Design Awards and have been featured by App Store editors countless times. Constantly zooming in to the finest details and out to the grandest concerns are a regular part of the job. William’s approach focuses on flexibility, durability, and respect for users. With Jon Bell, William runs UX Launchpad, a company that teaches design.


Jon Bell has worked everywhere from tiny startups to giant corporations and runs UX Launchpad, a company that teaches design. He is currently a Staff Product Designer at Twitter, and previously he led teams on Office Mobile and Windows Phone. Before that he worked at frog design doing work with dozens of clients that he is contractually obligated to keep secret. He loves to write and teach, and he always to make his presentation the best of the entire day. You should see if he pulls it off this time!

Full day workshops include:
  • Snacks and drinks all day
  • Lunch
You should bring:
  • Your laptop
  • Your laptop charger
Workshop tickets

Tickets for the one day workshops are R3,500.00 (including VAT). Workshop tickets are valid for the workshop only. To attend the conference days an extra ticket is needed.
All workshops start at 9:00am and end at 4:00pm.