PIXEL UP! 2016

September 12-14, 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you for an awesome first event. See you in 2017.
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Influential speakers

With deep expertise and Broad experience

Learn from the authors, founders, directors and designers - who've worked at companies like SaleforcesUX, Apple, Twitter, Dropbox, Cooper, Google, and DesignMap - who are helping push the industry forward.

More than just a UX conference

It's about helping you improve how you make digital products.

To create products that customers love, we need user experience design. As well as user interface design, front and backend engineering and of course a great product strategy. PIXEL UP! 2016 brings to Johannesburg designers and developers who've worked at Dropbox, Twitter, Apple, and Google to share what they've learned about making great products with pixels.

Should you come to PIXEL UP!?

We say yes, but we're biased

  • You should come to PIXEL UP! if you:
  • Design apps and/or websites
  • Build websites using the latest HTML5, JS and CSS tech
  • Build Native apps for phones, tablets and wearables (TV)
  • Manage projects that create apps and websites
  • Hire designers
  • Hire web and native app developers
  • Manage (or pay for) medium to large web sites
  • Manage (or pay for) iOS, Android and Windows apps
  • Just wanna hang out with some geeks and designers